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Change Stamp Location in DigEplan


To move or change the Stamp location, you will need to change web.xml parameters on each server (View and Conversion) as per this article.

On the DigEplan servers (View and Conversion):

Locate the av_con web.xml - eg

In the file search for section 'CSI_IntellistampDefLocation'

The full UNC path to dmstamps.ini must be provided. An example is shown in bold below:

<!-- 'CSI_IntellistampDefLocation' defines the location of the Intellistamp ini
file -->
<!-- Note: the location must be specified as a path relative to the 'av_con' web
application, eg '\WEB-INF\Stamps\dmstamps.ini' -->
<!-- or as a UNC path \\server\folder\Stamps\dmstamps.ini'. If a drive mapping,
eg 'd:\stamp\dmstamps.ini' is specified, no stamp will be available -->
  <context-param id="CSI_IntellistampDefLocation">
    <param-value>\\<eg. your server>\c$\oracle\Stamps\dmstamps.ini</param-value>

Important Note : Ensure the user that is running the 'AutoVue Glassfish Server'
windows service has full access rights to the Stamps folder.

Restart AutoVue Glassfish windows service on each server where the change has been applied.


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